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"Tango Day" Festivalito: Live Music, Dancing, Learning, Holiday Crafts

December 10, 2021

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Festivalito (December 10-12): Live Music, Dancing, Learning, Holiday Gift Bazaar

December 10, 2021

Please join us for a three-day celebration of tango music & dance, centered around International Tango Day (December 11th).  The whole event takes place at the Philadelphia Argentine Tango School. Attendance is therefore limited.  Please register soon!

Friday, December 10
7:30-8:45 pm: Solo Piano Recital by Pablo Estigarribia
9 pm-1 am: Festivalito Milonga wth DJ Burak Ozkosem

Saturday, December 11
4-8 pm: Milonga celebrating 25 years of Orquesta El Arranque.  The orchestra will play live for dancing from Buenos Aires, projected into our studio.  We will simultaneously be able to see other milongas around the world, dancing to the same livestream!

Sunday, December 12
1-2:30 pm: Lecture on Horacio Salgan by Pablo Estigarribia
3-7 pm: Milonga and Holiday Gift Bazaar 

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Musicality for Tango Dancers: Co-taught by a dancer & a musician

December 13, 2021

Musicality for Tango Dancers
Co-taught by Inez Muzzopapa (dancer) and Pablo Estigarribia (pianist)

In this workshop, we'll be learning about basic rhythmic structures and musical interpretation.  We are just ridiculously lucky to have one of the greatest tango dancers in the world (Inez) and one of the greatest tango musicians in the world (Pablo) teaming up to give this workshop! 

While we will be learning theory in this workshop, we will also be moving throughout. This is not a sit-down workshop.  It is open to all levels.  No partner is required.

Monday, December 13
7:30-9 pm: Workshop - Musicality for Tango Dancers

Cost: $30

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Lead & Follow: Technique for Both Roles

December 14, 2021

Lead & Follow: Technique for both roles

In this workshop, we will study basic concepts and communication.  Is it extremely difficult to lead? Is it that simple to follow? Let’s explore both roles and find out.

Partner rotation.  All levels beyond absolute beginner welcome.

Tuesday, December 14
7:30-9 pm
Taught by Inez Muzzopapa

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NYE 2022: Concert, Dinner & Milonga

December 31, 2021

When 2021 started, we were still in isolation, sheltering in place to try to tamp down the raging pandemic.  As 2021 ends, the pandemic is ongoing, but vaccines have opened the door to a safe-enough way of gathering for many of us.  I am so grateful to be back dancing tango with all of you, hearing live music and even gathering to share food. We're going to do all three for an epic New Year's Eve celebration, which will take place at the Philadelphia Argentine Tango School.

Friday, December 31
6:30-7 pm: Arrive & mingle
7-8 pm: Concert by guitarist Patricio Chrome
8-9 pm: Prep food, mingle & dance
9-10:30 pm: Dinner: Asado by Matthew with side dishes by all of you
10:30 pm-1:30 am or later: Milonga with NYE toast

Tickets are very limited.  Buy yours now, if you'd like to attend.

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Upcoming Classes

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Wednesday - December 08, 2021 / EST
In-Studio: Intermediate Level & Up - Dance Floor Essentials in Cross System
Wednesday 12/8/2021
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Andres & Meredith
Philadelphia Argentine Tango School

Partner change class. Everyone practices both roles.
In Studio: Beginner Level & Up - Dance Floor Essentials in Parallel System
Wednesday 12/8/2021
8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Andres & Meredith
Philadelphia Argentine Tango School

Partner change class. All attendees practice both roles.
LIVE MUSIC Milonga: Sergio Reyes, violin, and Emiliano Messiez, piano
Wednesday 12/8/2021
8:59 pm - 12:00 pm

Philadelphia Argentine Tango School
Palermo Fishtown Milonga
Wednesday 12/8/2021
9:00 pm - 0:00 am

Philadelphia Argentine Tango School Staff
Philadelphia Argentine Tango School