Setting up your account

Before you register for a class, please set up your account. 

If you had an account in our previous system, you just need to reset your password.  If you had a credit card saved in our previous registration system, it may have transferred over to Cowtinker, as we are using the same online payment provider, Stripe.  Please do not be alarmed if your credit card is already saved and ready to use, when you login for the first time.

If you are creating an account at PATS for the first time, please create an account here.

After completing your information and completing the “I’m not a robot” challenge, the register button will appear.


Purchase Classes

Registered students may choose between class packages and drop-ins. View fees and registration options here.  Once you have purchased the appropriate class package or drop-in, you’ll be able to reserve classes.

Reserve In-Studio Classes & Events

Due to capacity restrictions related to Covid, all registration must be completed in advance.  We are not accepting walk-ins. 

Please reserve your space in an in-studio class or event by clicking the associated button.  It may say, "In-Person," or it may say "Register."

Proof of Full Vaccination Status

Your registration for an in-studio class is not complete until we have your vaccine card on file.  Please email it to  You are welcome to cover up your birth date for security.

Reserve Online Classes

To ensure you get your links on time, please register in advance for any online classes or events that you would like to attend. To view upcoming classes, visit the Schedule page.

To sign up for a class, click on the “Reserve” button next to the class you want to attend.  You will then be added to the roster, and you will receive an email confirmation with a link to join your class.

You will also receive a reminder email about 30 minutes before class begins.

Un-Registering from Classes

When you see the “Cancel” button, it means that you have successfully signed up for class. If you need to cancel your class registration, simply click the “Cancel” button any time before class starts.

If you do not cancel your reservation before class starts, your attendance will be counted for this class.



Joining Online Classes

When it is class time, there are three ways to join:

1. Click on the small green camera icon    next to the class you want to attend from the schedule page.  Clicking the icon takes you directly to class.

2. Click the link from the email you received when you registered for class:

3. Once class has started, you can also click the “Join Now” button from the schedule page.  The “Join Now” button only appears once class starts :

If you are not already logged in, CowTinker will prompt you to log into your account to be redirected to zoom.

Viewing online class

About 10 minutes before the scheduled class start time, the Zoom meeting will begin.  You may need to refresh your screen.  All browsers have a refresh button—it usually looks like a circular arrow.  If you don’t see the icon to refresh, use these keyboard shortcuts:

· on a PC, press “F” and “5”

· on a Mac, press “Command” and “R”

Check your browser

We highly recommend that you use a browser other than Safari.  There are known issues with Zoom video integration in the Safari browser, so you may encounter problems if you are using Safari. The engineers at Zoom will have to correct a bug on their end before Safari can be used reliably with CowTinker.  Other browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Edge, or Internet Explorer work well.

We look forward to seeing you soon - in the studio and/or online!

- The Cowtinker & Philadelphia Argentine Tango School teams

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