Tango en la Terraza Online Concert Series

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$15.00 Tango en la Terraza - Single Concert
$20.00 Tango En La Terraza - Single Concert (2 People In Same Household)
$150.00 Tango en la Terraza: 12-Concert Series
$200.00 Tango en la Terraza: 12-Concert Series (2+ people in the same household)
$150.00 Tango en la Terraza: 12-concert subscription

IMPORTANT: You will receive the link and password to view the concert by email after you register.   Please check your email.

Broadcast into your home from a magical rooftop in Buenos Aires, Tango en la Terraza features many of the top Argentine tango musicians and dancers of our day.  Season 1 includes one new concert per month from March 2021 through February 2022.

Every month, you have the option to purchase that month's concert, or subscribe to the whole series and get access to all the concerts that you may have missed.

November's concert (Program 9) features:

?? Guido Iacopetti, guitar
?? Rodrigo Perelsztein, guitar & voice
?? Dancers Bruno Tombari & Rocio Lequio

Complete information is available on our website: www.tangoenlaterraza.com.

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