Live Music Milonga Celebrating International Women's Month

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We'll be celebrating INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S MONTH on Wednesday, March 22 with a STELLAR line-up of extraordinary tango dance & music talent. 

The night starts off with two classes with INES MUZZOPAPPA.  She won the Tango World Championship when she was still a teenager, but that accomplishment pales in comparison with everything she has done since.  She has transformed thousands of tango lives around the world with her inciteful teaching and inspiring performances (with both male & female partners) and also works tirelessly on behalf of the tango community, advocating for the rights of tango workers, and for women in tango.  She has taught me so much, and I'm thrilled to have her back in Philadelphia.

Then, during the Palermo Fishtown Milonga, we are honored to have two remarkable musicians, Pianist / Bandoneonist WINNIE CHEUNG and Violinist CHRISTINE BREBES performing live music, including a short seated concert (15 minutes) and copious super-bailable (super danceable) music for dancing.  Both Winnie and Christine are examples of women who have worked tirelessly, not just to make it in the challenging world of tango music performance, but to gain recognition as among the best tango musicians performing today.  In the past month alone, Winnie has performed more than 10 times in Buenos Aires, including with Narcotango, Otros Aires, and her own China Manija Trio.  Christine Brebes is an American who has been living and performing in Buenos Aires for nearly 20 years.  In my next life, I plan to be both Winnie and Christine. hahahaha!

Wednesday, March 22: The Plan
7-8 pm: Intermediate Tango (Topic: Musical interpretation. Expressive and rhythmic passages.) - Ines & Meredith
8-9 pm: Beginner Tango (Start any week!) - Ines & Meredith
9 pm-Midnight: Palermo Fishtown Milonga with LIVE MUSIC FOR DANCING and a short seated concert around 10:30 pm - Winnie & Christine

Class Pricing is as usual.
$25 drop-in
$20-22 if you have a class card
If you take the first class, the second is free.
If you'd like to support the event further, you could pay for both classes.

Milonga Pricing
Sliding scale payment: $10-25+
On live music nights, we ask you to please pay for the milonga, in addition to the classes, if you can.  If it's a stretch, then don't worry about it.

Philadelphia Argentine Tango School Staff